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A proud heritage of supporting our fishers.

The Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board is here to help you with what you know best. You know harvesting in waters off Nova Scotia; you know what it takes to run a profitable business; you know what the opportunities for growth are. And we understand what it takes to support you and your ambitions. 

Our efforts have helped Nova Scotia’s fish harvesters and boat builders for over eight decades. Through skill, tenacity, ingenuity, and a physical geography that provides huge opportunities, our sea farmers grow first-class products that are sold worldwide. We’re proud to support this success. Our boat builders are skilled and dedicated craftspeople who underpin our province’s aquaculture industry. And we’re proud to support this success as well, by providing lending options to boat builders and inspecting the progress of client vessels at important times during their builds. 

Our clients aren’t numbers or accounts—they’re our friends, our neighbours, and the heart of our coastal communities. Together, we can ensure the success of our industry, and balance resources for today and the future.

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Financial statements are also available here.

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Our business plan outlines the Board’s goals and objectives for the year, in alignment with the
Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture’s vision and priorities.

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An Annual Report or Accountability Report is published annually to report on progress in achieving the business plan’s goals and objectives.

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The Crown Lending Agencies division of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (o/a Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board, Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture Loan Board) is required to disclose travel and hospitality expenses of senior management.

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