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Bait Freezer/Specialized Equipment Loan.

Investing in bait freezing or other specialized equipment? We have financing for that.

We understand times are changing, and sometimes it’s worth freezing bait to control your expenses in your season. We can help with bait freezers and specialized equipment.


Whether you catch in season and hold until prices rise or buy when the price is good and hold the season, equipment like bait freezers or live wells can prove a worthwhile investment to minimize loss, control expenses and help in getting you the best price. This product is designed for investment into bait freezers and other bait or catch holding infrastructure to maintain high-quality bait and seafood.

The Bait Freezer/Specialized Equipment Loan product is typically secured by the assets you are acquiring. The Security takes the form of a General Security Agreement over personal property. A Collateral Mortgage, or Continuing Collateral Mortgage, is used in the case where real estate is required.

This product comes with significant flexibility, tailored to fit the individual cash flow of a fishery. Repayment can be weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual. In some cases, interest-only payments apply and skips can be arranged in advance.